Released in the United States, 2015 (digital format)
Released globally, 2016 (digital format) 
Released in France, 2018 (CD digipack, vinyl picture disc)

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Warner Music Group
Released: 2004
Written and produced by 3T

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3T completed an album in-between Brotherhood (1995) and Identity (2004).
The album however was never released by Sony, due to strained relationships between Michael Jackson (MJJ Music) and Sony.
This album is considered by many fans to be The Lost Album.
Over 20 songs were recorded for the album and they might be released in the future. 


BROTHERHOOD (Debut album)

Sony Music / MJJ Music / "550 Music"
Released: 1995
Executive producers: Michael Jackson and Kenneth Komisar
Around 3 million copies sold worldwide

This album is dedicated to the memory of our mom, Delores "Dee Dee" Jackson (1955-1994)

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